It appears that yesterday’s iOS 7 lockscreen bypass described by Forbes isn’t the only one. One of our readers, Mariusz, reports that one can abuse “Emergency Call” screen and connect with whatever telephone number is entered.

The procedure for a free call is simple. Go to “Emergency Screen”, then enter the number you would like to reach, and press green button (multiple times, very fast). iPhone will crash, showing you the white-apple-on-black-screen, but after a few seconds, the call will be connected and you will be able to start your conversation with whoever you called.

Video description of the bug, recorded by Piotr Paluszek

There is one problem though, you are not able to disconnect …but you can always restart you iPhone pressing “sleep” and “home” button simultaneously.

The risk of this “hack” is obvious — if someone gets hands on your iPhone, he or she may use your minutes to call, say, Poland “for free”. ;-)

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Rozpocznij dyskusję, bądź pierwszy... ;-)

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